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~Born Naturalists~

 Hello… you’ve arrived at The Naturalists blog.

We love God and praise Him everyday for all the wonderful blessings He has bestowed upon our family. 

Currently my hubby is in the United States Air Force, and we are stationed overseas in Germany.  We have been here for 4yrs and 6mths  now!  🙂  I truly love it, and never thought we’d ever get to see any of the people , places, or things we’ve seen here.  🙂 

I have been painting for ten years now, in oils, and only in the last couple of years  discovered how much i love acrylics, thanx to THIS BOOK.  I have also been playing around with all different forms of art for a few years now, and blogging for almost 2yrs!   I would not have known about so many wonderfull artists, projects, exchanges or anything probably if it wasn’t for blogging! 

We have been homeschooling for about 5yrs. now and have truly enjoyed the experience.   We have tried many different things over the yrs, and like most families it’s always an adventure trying to find the perfect curriculum to fit each kid AND the teacher as well.  I think that we have finally found somthing, through Charlotte Mason, that fits us all indivdually and as a family.  So as for who is schooling ….

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.  3John 1:4

There is the 11yr old “Papi”

Then  the 6.5yr old “Smiley”

and the 3.5yr old “Ocean”

and a new baby *surprise* due May13th

I guess I want this blog to be pretty eclectic when it comes to all the things we will talk about… I mean there will definately be art… that will probably be most talked about topic.   There will definately be talk of nature, and of course homeschooling… there will be blog posts from me but also from “Papi” and maybe surprise bloggers.  You just never know when it comes to this family.  Our focus will always be on God and all the wonderful things He has for us each and every day.

Please come back to visit again! 


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