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*Chinese Noah*

January 23, 2012


This morning in our Bible study we confined on in our Bible study, in the chapter all about Noah.  After the tower of Babel incident and all the peoples scattered to different corners of the earth, the people who spoke Chinese were trying to come up with their alphabet.  Imagine not knowing how ti write or really knowing what sounds could go with which shapes.  An ancient Chinese man invented some symbols to help yell the story of Noah.   The first image on the left, is vessel, or container.  The middle symbol is eight….(eight people on the ark).  The last symbol is for mouth.  In most cultures the word mouth represents a person (like 8 mouths to feed).  This man put all the symbols together … BOAT!   BIG boat.  The the biggest boat he knew of.   Cool, right?

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  1. Michelle taylor permalink
    August 20, 2014 04:56

    Sheri, I came across this site of your in an old e-mail. It looks like it has been a long time since you have updated this page. If you find this know that Michelle Taylor form Bitburg Germany was thinking of you. I pray that all is well with you and your family. Life has been very interesting for us here in the U.S. If you feel inclined, drop me a line.

    • blendedcolors permalink
      August 20, 2014 12:07

      Hey there Michelle.
      It has been awhile since I’ve done anything to this page. My life kinda turned upside down the last yr in Germany.
      You can get me at
      Or on Facebook. Sheri Leseberg
      Not sure if this message will make it back to ya.

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