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~Living Math~

March 11, 2010

ooooooooooo… so scary.  to me at least.  those two words.  Living Math.  oooooooooooooo

so my kids have been successfully homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason Method.  i mean they’ve really changed a lot during the 8mths we’ve been doing things this way.  i love it, they love it, we’re all learning things T O G E T H E R which is so fun and sort of a first in our homeschooling career. 

so Charlotte Mason advocates using Living Books to teach your children, not Textbooks.  I’m still learning all about this style of homeschooling but what i’ve learned so far i think is so awsome.  its better explained HERE and HERE

well during all my studying and reading up, and then buying the 6 volumes myself , last summer, i read about Living Math.  i was way too freaked out to want to try it with my kids.  i’m HORRIBLE at math… really really bad.  that’s probably the only subject i worry that my kids wont get and then wont graduate, and just be failures , utter failures in life!!  aaaaaaaaack!  anyway, i recently found THIS POST about Living Math, and well my mind is slowly changing that it is possible for us to incorporate Living Math into our lives! 

i really do want it to be fun for these precious kiddies of mine, not humdrum, boring, or a pain, or a cause of stress and tears.  i don’t want them to hate it like i hated it in school.   soooooooooo…. believe it or not i found a used copy of the book talked about in the above post…. Family Math 

i’ve seen more than one homeschooling momma talk about this book, and i found this book at the used book store right after reading the post that was changing my mind…. i had to get it.  it was meant to be.  i cracked open the book and made up a few games right away…. AND i was green about it,  we didnt have any cardstock to print the games out on and so i printed them out on paper and glued them to cereal boxes…. yay for recyling. 


then i went through ALL of our homeschooling supplies and made up a basket of all of our math supplies for games:

we will continue to explore all the things listed in that living math post, all the blogs, books, and tools.  and continue to have fun with that book!  i’m not as scared anymore about this Living Math stuff.  how about you?

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